Custom Boat Building



The design process involves liaising with the naval architect and owner to design a boat that best meets the requirements of the client. Being designers and boat builders with years of experience, working on a wide range of projects has enabled us to stay abreast of innovative changes and compliance standards within our industry. Combining this knowledge and experience with our client’s needs enables us to deliver a project that satisfies our client’s desired outcomes.

Aluminium structural work

Begins with fabrication of the hull of the vessel at the same time co-ordinating the fabrication of other major superstructure components in readiness for fitting as soon as the hull is rolled over. Whilst every project is different in terms of the essential parts needing to be fabricated, managing the build in this way allows us to engage our other trades a lot sooner, giving them optimum time to complete their work to the highest quality.

Fit out

Being a specialist in providing a custom service means that every project is different. The process, whilst similar, will vary depending on the project. For example the process and time it takes to build a luxury vessel is different to that of a commercial fishing boat, tender or purpose built recreational boat. At this stage we work closely with the client and our marine fit out contractor to ensure that the final layout, storage, fixtures, fittings, colours, materials and ultimately the finished product meets our client’s requirements.

Engineering, Painting and Electrical

Where possible our engineering contractors commence prior to roll over by prefabricating as much as possible including steering system, bilge system, and hydraulic system components. Ensuring that soon after rollover, installation of major equipment can commence. This system once again assists with overall project time management.

Our marine electrical contractor works with us closely after roll over to install main cable trays, practical cable runs to access all equipment and lighting locations to providing best coverage to all areas.

Our painting contractors work closely with us and other contractors to ensure that painting work is done safely, according to specifications and with minimal disruption to the production process.

Launch, Trials and Handover

Is generally scheduled for a period of 2 weeks during which time our contractors are available to attend trials and commissioning as necessary to test all systems and to ensure all are functioning to the clients satisfaction and specified requirements. All documents, certificates and manuals are then compiled to prepare for handover. The process, whilst similar, may vary time wise, depending on the project. One thing however that will not vary through each stage of the project is our commitment to client liaison to ensure the final outcome satisfies every requirement thus making handover a professional and equally pleasurable event.

Commitment to custom service